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Drive more takeaway orders from your social media pages and websites
Update menu in a few clicks, reduce costs on printing
Grab customer attention with large photos of your dishes
Sell to international customers with translations
Hide a dish if some ingredients run out of stock
Test seasonal menu and new menu positions
Avoid negative reviews and enjoy excellent ones
Create upsell, cross-sell and everyday promotions
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'Digital is the main reason just over half of the Fortune 500 companies have disappeared since the year 2000.'
Start your digital transformation in restaurant industry and prepare it for post COVID-19 reopening
Increase sales with large photos of your dishes
Images dramatically increase conversion rates and are a powerful cue to guide people's behavior and there's no better place to see that than e-Menu. Guests order more when they see juicy photos of your dishes. Entertain your customers with an interactive order experience than showing boring text on your menu.
Update menu in a few clicks and reduce costs on printing
Even small changes in a menu can eat the profit. Save the costs on a photographer, menu designer, and printing. Save your time and money on menu updating. Edit and manage your menu in a few clicks.
Hide a dish if some ingredients run out of stock
There is no need to worry and tell each guest that a certain dish is not on the menu today due to the lack of ingredients.
Hide your menu item and your guests will not know that this position is not available now.
Increase sales during holidays and special events
Seasonal menus give your business a chance to stand out from the competition. Test a seasonal menu and new menu positions.
Create promotional seasonal menu items in a few clicks. Increase sales during holidays and special events.
Translate for international customers
Many tourists find it difficult to understand the meaning without the correct translation of ingredients, preparation processes and serving styles. Translate your menu to other languages. If your menu provides information in the potential client's language, the probability that they opt for your business increases considerably.
Gain orders and new customers through social media accounts
Share your menu link in all social media.
The majority of customers look at your menu online before walking through your door.
Social media connects you with your customers and builds your visibility.

Why we are special
Contactless menu as pandemic COVID-19 safety measures for your restaurant
The pandemic is taking a heavy toll on the restaurant industry. The restaurant industry must adopt new technologies to survive. That is why important actions must be taken right now! To keep customers safe, many restaurants are asked for contactless service. Less paper and no human contact is a way to make things work. Protect your customers and your staff.
24/7 Personal Customer Support
Text us on Facebook Messanger any day any time and we reply to you as soon as possible. The MenuLike Founder reads all messages personally.
No download needed
Easily fill in the menu from your phone or computer without downloading the application. Guests scan the QR code and see the menu on their phones through the internet.
Avoid negative reviews
Customers get frustrated when they see a dish that doesn't meet their expectations. Thanks to large images in MenuLike app, your guest always know what they will get on their plates. Visualize customer's expectations and avoid negative reviews.
Drive more orders from your social media pages and websites
Explore new sales channels via social media. Add your personal menu link to TripAdvisor, Instagram, Facebook, Google Maps, Yelp and Foursquare. Customers can open your menu on their phones.
What makes us different
We are not just 'another 'QR code with PDF file on a disk'. Every day we work hard to build a high-end interactive online software platform for the restaurant industry.
Get access from any device
You can easily open, fill in, and edit the menu on any devices- phone, laptop, tablet, or PC. Use your web browser without downloading the app.
Today 82% of consumers are making dining decisions on their smartphone.
They would like to order quick via mobile phone.
Menulike is a restaurant menu app where you can
  • develop a customizable menu with high-quality pictures, and implement dynamic pricing
  • edit and manage dishes on the go
  • get access from any device
  • no installation needed
How MenuLike works
1. Create an account for FREE
Create your account in just a few clicks and proceed to the menu creation.
2. Prepare the materials
Cook the dish and take a photo from your phone.Upload photos to MenuLike app.
Add descriptions, prices, and other important information.
3. Place the QR code
Generate a QR-code in MenuLike app and place it on the table
4. Menu on clients' phones
Guests scan the QR code and see your menu with photos on their screens.
QR code is generated automatically in your application
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